Saturday, September 19, 2015

Mission:Saving The President's Daughter

Resident Evil 4 the game story version is about this guy named Leon Scott Kennedy and Ashley Gram.This story starts like this....Leon is given a special mission which it is saving the President's daughter.Ashley(the President's daughter) was capture and was now located  in Europe which is full of villagers that turned into  zombies.This zombies aren't regular zombies,this zombies can talk,run ect.just like regular people.This is all because of the virus they spread on the village,which is  the T-virus.So there are sort of  controlled zombies or something like that .Continuing with the story Leon went to look for Ashley with other two police officers .When Leon got there he entered where the village started,so the only thing there was a cabin.Leon entered the cabin to ask the "person" if he had seen Ashley.The villager attacked him and he had to eliminate him.The villagers(zombies) that where near by noticed that there was an intruder,so they eleminated the two police officers first,and now they where going to try eliminate Leon.Leon noticed that he didn't had enough bullets to eliminate  all the zombies.So he tried to eliminate as much of them as he could.Leon only had one bullet left and there was four zombies still  trying to kill him.As Leon was trying to figure out who to eliminate something got his attention....This story will be continued on part two sometime next week.


  1. I WISH YOU DIDN'T END IT. This story is so wonderful! I can't wait for part two next week.

  2. Me too. This was such an awesome story!