Saturday, December 12, 2015

Types Of Brothers And Sisters

Today's blog will be about types of brothers and sisters, as you can see in the tittle. Hope you guys like it.So lets get started.
So there is the spoiled brother or sister,they get what they want and at the instant,and it gets annoying because when you ask for something they either give you a penny or nothing.
The next one is the copycat brother or sister. This one is usually the younger one,they hangout with you and everything and it just bugs when someone just copies you all of the time. Here is an Example:
Bigger brother:"Mom look at this cool instragram shirt I got".
Little sister:"Mom look at this cool instragram shirt I got".
Mom:"Love the shirt kids".
The last one is the one that does better then you, like in school or sports etc,and then you feel bad When you should feel proud,and they still laugh in your face . Here's an example:
Brent(Big Brother):"Mom I got an "A" on my test".
Mom:"Good job Brent".
Grace (Middle brother):I got an "A"+".
Mom:"Better job Grace".
Well hope you guys liked it. Hope that you guys have a wonderful week or weekend. Bye-bye ^--^

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