Sunday, March 27, 2016

Annoying Things Teacher Do

Today;s blog will be about the things that teachers do to annoy us, hope you like it.
1.When they hold you in class to the very last minute.
2.Teachers treating the one that is always good,responsible,and always gets A's better than the others....
3.When one person misbehaves and punishes everyone, It's like they're almost encouraging the others students to beat up the kid who was misbehaving after class, and guess what's gonna happen you just made everyone hate that
4.When the teacher doesn't let you pack up early, you just have it!
5.We also hate the "You must bring your stuff every day." Like we're humans too you know, we forget stuff.
6.When there is multiple people talking and you're the only one that gets punished.
7.When they make you do blogs,when not even your mom reads them, it's like all your hard work for nothing...
8.When they make you do online programs for one hour and it counts as part as your grade and if you don't do it you have like 100000000000000000000000 missing assignments. Like with that time we could of done sooooo...... many things.
P.S:Teachers please don't hate me....It's just a joke.

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