Friday, March 25, 2016


Today's blog will be a part of a story that I made,its basically a zombie apocalypse situation type of thing.

They told me that he had no time left, he got bitten and all we could do was finish it. Everyone was discussing about who was going to do it. We loved him so much, he saved us many times and now he will be gone. We were still discussing about who will do it. Then without thinking i say:

"I'll do it.....I will finish it up."
Everyone was just quiet, then Leon said:
"You don't have to do this, you're only 13."
"I'll want to, so I'll do it....."
"You sure?"
They hand me a gun, I just have to wait a bit longer, I'm scared....this is the first time I'll do this and probably not the last one. He looks at me, and he looks like he has only a few minutes left. Then he says:
"Promise me you'll take care of everyone....promise you'll always be safe..."
Then i feel tears rolling down my face, i never thought it will this hard.
"Its time.."
"Yeah..I...wont..stand..any.. longer."
I take out my gun out and point it out aiming for his head, i start to cry...I can't handle it. Then he says:
" want to tell"
"me too,"
Then he stands up and says:
I take out my gun and aim for the head once more and I pull the trigger. As he's falling down i go running up to him saying:
Then I look down at him and cry..Leon comes in and hugs me...then he says its over...its..over...

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