Friday, May 27, 2016

10 Things I Hate About Liars

Today's blog will be about 10 things I hate about liars  as you can see in the little, so lets get started...

1. That they lie.
2. Liars hate other liars.
3. Liars are selfish.
4.  They lie to make themselves look good.
5. When it matters the most you can't still get a straight answer.
6. If you get them to admit they're a liar they'll act like you are the bad guy.
7. You can't trust them to tell the truth, and you can't trust them to do other things.
8. They're incapable of taking responsibility for their actions.
9. Their version of reality is rather based on preference rather on what really happened
which is really annoying.
10. They think they're way more intelligent than they really are.

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