Wednesday, May 18, 2016

10 Things I Hate About Showering

Today's blog will be about 10 things I hate about showering as you can see in the tittle, so lets get started.
1. Getting in before the water is warm.
2. Getting soap in your eyes.
3. Missing a spot while drying off.
4.  When for some reason your head is in a 45 or greater degree water gets in your ear making that awkward asdbudsgh sound, and you have to make that awkward head shake.
5. When the the shower curtain gets stuck to the side of your body.
6. When you a take a really long shower and the hot water runs out.
7. When you hop out of the shower and realized you missed a spot.
8. When the shampoo runs out.
9. When you forget your towel/or something and you are like what do I do now??
1o. When you think ''Hmm I should take a shower.'' you're walking towards the shower and there is already someone there!!!!!

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