Saturday, October 17, 2015

About Me :)

No random or video game blog today, sorry. I realized that people that reads my blogs doesn't know anything about me, so I'm going to do a list of facts about me.(about 20 of them)
1.I'm a girl
2.My favorite food is pizza
3.My favorite color is blue
4.I'm a Scorpio
5.My birthday is on October 27
6.I'm a really crazy and weird person once you get to know me.
7.I love to draw
8.I love anime
9.My favorite singer is Enrique Iglesias
10.My favorite anime character is Natsu Dragneel (From fairy tail)
11.My favorite video games are Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 6
12.I speak English and Spanish
13.I do most of my things last minute 14.My Favorite subject is Math
15.I love chocolate
16.I mostly dress black and I don't know why
17.When I text I always use "XD" a lot 18.I love chocolate cake
19.I'm really bad at science and history
20.I rarely use matching socks because I think it's boring to wear matching socks
Well I hope that you liked this blog,I know it probably wasn't really entertaining but, I wanted my readers to get to know me a little bit. Thank you guys for reading my blogs,I really appreciate it:) Have a good week or weekend! Bye-Bye

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