Friday, October 30, 2015

Typical Things

Today's blog is going to be random because I'm going to talk about Typical things that we all have in common or that we all have been through.
Okay so we're all different, we all have different characteristics that makes us different, Although we're are the same in many things,and when those things happen we say "Typical". A very typical thing is to bug your friends. Son here is an example on how to troll your friends.
Step 1:Get a dog
Step 2: Name the dog "who"
Step 3:Invite your friend to your house
Step 4:Show your dog to your friend, and let the magic happen

(Example) You"So this is my house."
You" And this is my dog."
Friend "oh,how cute,and what's his name?"
Friend "The dog's"
You"What about the dog?"
Friend "What's his name?"
Friend"The dog's"
Friend"THE DOG'S!"
Friend"Ok Who can tell me what the dog's name is!!!!???"
You"Who can't talk"
Friend"who can't talk?"
And that is how you troll your friend with a dog.
Okay so a made a little list of Typical things that happen,hope you like it.
1.Typiacal that on the first day of school you write beautiful and the second day you write like a doctor.
2.Typical that you open the fridge 40 times and there is no food.
3.Typical that you open a bag of chips of a pack of gum in class and everyone asks you for one.
4.Typical that you go to the bathroom and there is no toilet paper.
5.Typical to turn the pillow to feel the cold side.
6.Typical that loom horrible in you ID
7.Typical that Wikipedia does your homework
8.Typical that you go to China and there is a lot of Chinese people
9.Typical sit somewhere and get stuck to your pants.
10.Typiacal that you spend hours looking at the ceiling imagening thigs that are never going to happen.
Well guys this is this week's blog post. I hope that you liked this blog. Thanks for taking the time to read this,I really appreciate it! I Hope you guys have an awesome Halloween! Bye-Bye:)

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