Saturday, October 10, 2015

Persons That Annoy Me!!

Today's blog will be random,because today I'm going to talk about the people that annoy me as you can see on the tittle of this blog.I'm only going to talk about five types of persons that annoy me and maybe I'll do a second part,ok so lets get started.
The first person that annoys me is the know it all person.This person annoy me because he or she is always correcting you. I mean being corrected is good but every five seconds gets annoying!
The second person that annoys me is the person that thinks that they are perfect. The reason why this person annoys me is because no one in the world is perfect and everyone makes mistakes,its part of life you know. And making them saying that they are perfect makes them NOT PERFECT
! The third person that annoys me is the the person that talks to you when you have headphones. The reason why this person annoys me is that they have all day to talk to you they become very talkative persons in the world at the time you put your headphones on.
The fourth person that annoys me is the person that criticize another people but if you say something about them they will get ofended easily. Here is an example.....
"What type of music is this now days," said a Girl.
"I mean rock is just sound,and pop is just a really dumb music,and lets not talk about electronic it is so predictable."
The Boy says "Well I think that the type of music that you lisen to its not that good either."
The Girl responds with an offended voice "Well I think that you should learn to respect what other persons like."
isnt this just annoying!!
The fifth person is that person that has that blogger account,and talks about the people that annoyed her. Those persons really annoy me!!!

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