Saturday, October 3, 2015

Mission:Saving The President's Daughter (Final Part)

On the second part of this story Leon was heading back to the church and then Leon the ground starded shaking Leon was frozen when he saw what was in front of him.Leon knew that he was in danger when he saw this giant zombie..yes..a..giant...zombie..or at least that is what it look like.Leon knew that it wil be a big job to eliminate this thing. Leon only had about forty bullets to eliminate it, he try to find his weak spot which aparently was the head.Leon used up all the bullets,and he saw this case close to the door so he ran to the case and their was this launcher which is one of the most powerful type of fire.Leon eliminate the giant zombie or whatever that was,with the launcher. Leon head back where Ashley was been held.Leon placed the round thing and opened the door,climb up a ladder and saw that there were some bars that were around the up door where Ashley was,so he jumped to one side to another and found something that might open the door.There where this lights(green,red,and blue)that you were supose to turn.Leon figure out how the shape that was supose to be. Leon open the door and Asheley was there Ashley was Afraid of Leon because she didn't know who it was so she started to throw anything that she could find.Untill Leon told her what was happening. Leon little did he know that this was the beginig of struggling and a adventure.This parts that I have done are only the introduction to the whole story.If you are interest to see the rest of the story tell me in the comments or buy the game, I really recomend it.

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